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Breathwork allows you to tap into much of the deep seeded emotions and past traumas that often manifest themselves in the form of stress and anxiety in our daily lives. Our bodies have the wisdom and ability to heal themselves if we allow them to. Connect with your breath to connect with yourself on a deeper level and release that which no longer serves you in a positive way.


Rebirthing breathwork involves connected circular breathing, using our mouths only. With each inhale and exhale, we connect deeper into our bodies and minds to unconver the love within us all. We breathe consciously together. We connect our hearts to our breath, allow it to flow through our being, making light along the way of what’s been dark for too long. Rebirthing breathwork sessions are led by a certified teacher who guides us through suppressed emotions so we can release them safely from a cellular level.


Benefits of Rebirthing breathwork:

Reduced stress and anxiety

Much better sleep

Self forgivess

Breaking toxic patterns

More love towards life

Before Attending Your Session

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