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Water Therapy

Water therapy is an amazing gateway to the mysteries of the human emotional & sensorial experience. It has enormous benefits for the muscular-skeletal system, the central nervous system and the mind-body connection. As you float weightlessly, held safely in body temperature (36C), salt water, you are invited to let go, relax and allow.


Water Therapy sessions begin with an introductory talk. Once in the water, the practitioner will place floaters on your legs before receiving your head in their professional hands, sometimes assisted by a soft, floating pillow. You will enjoy gentle massage, subtle body stretches, flowing movements & moments of stillness.


When you feel ready, you may choose with the practitioner’s assistance to hold your breath using a nose clip as comfort allows, to enjoy an under water journey of polarities including: vastness & containment, flexion & extension, movement & peace, where time & space stand still.


As every human body has spent 9 months in a watery womb before birth, many compare the experience of Water Therapy to a sense of being nurtured, supported, cocooned & Rebirthing. The element of water is closely associated to emotions & flow, providing the perfect medium for release and relaxation. With relaxation, deep healing begins.


Whether you love the water or have traumas with water - this is your chance to heal. A rebirthing experience that takes us back to our liquid roots in the womb, slowing everything down, allowing us to come back to fully inhabit & reclaim relationship with our bodies, sensory system & mind, diving deep into our own psyches for profound healing.

Before Attending Class

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