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Sound Healing

Sound therapy has been used for thousands of years to heal and uplift the human body, mind and spirit. The ancient gongs & Tibetan bowls produce complex, deeply penetrating sound waves that cut through subconscious chatter and regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system. The listener is lulled into an instant, theta state of meditational REM resulting in deep relaxation and healing.

Before Attending Class

Seeking Benefits

Find the style that's right for you

Gong Relaxation

Each group Sound Bath session begins with a gentle warm-up of the spine and pranayama (breath meditation).

Organic essential oils may be massaged into the soles of the feet before lying down to bathe body and mind in the flow of sound currents, releasing all tension as symphonic waves travel over and through you.

Gong & Tibetan Bowl Therapy are highly recommended as a complementary treatment for managing pain, addiction and side effects of chemotherapy and other drugs.

Awaken with gentle stretching to feel refreshed and centred.

*Please advise the teacher of health conditions before class. Wear comfy clothes to practice in, a scarf and drinking water. Yoga mats & blankets are provided.

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